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Fitness Success Stories

The Belief Makes it So...

There is a saying "Believe in yourself or leave your dreams behind." This has stuck with me for years but the last 12 months put it too the test. As you can see from the pictures, last year I was a pathetic 235 lb., 30 year old on the road to trouble health wise. I am an air ambulance pilot and I see many things that obesity and poor nutrition can lead too. I had too take a good long hard look in the mirror to get started but decided that I would NOT end up in the back of my own aircraft. The question was, how? I knew nothing about diet, training, nutrition, ratios etc and needed help.

Enter Miss Abs

In September last year I decided it was time too get into shape and stop this downhill slide, the problem was where do I start? With the overwhelming number of diet books, videos etc on the market I really decided that personalized training was the way too go, being lucky enough to have a good workout partner what was missing was the most important part, my diet. It was about this time that I discovered a wonderful lady who changed my life. Through the power of the Internet I found www.missabs.com and started talking to MissAbs. The amount of information she gave me was awesome and soon after I hired her to help me lose weight. I had mentioned too her that "someday" I would like to give natural bodybuilding a try, her answer was "Cool, how about now, why wait". Armed with her confidence in the power of a sound diet and training I decided to go for it. Over the next number of months an incredible thing happened. I would receive regular, sometimes daily or multiple daily emails from my coach adjusting everything from my diet, sleep, training etc. Heck I dropped 10 lbs.. of fat in my first 3 weeks, I would have never imagined that someone I have to this day never met who lives across North America from my hometown could know my body so well. She adjusted, motivated, encouraged and gave me a kick in the pants when needed from over 2500 miles away and on July 8th I took the stage for the first time at 172 lbs.. 63 lbs. of weight loss but with the associated muscle gain my body changed closer too 70 lbs. !!!!!!!!!!

There are members at my local gym working with local trainers in person who struggle too lose 10-15 lbs., when they ask how I did it I simply say MissAbs. Something I found interesting is how inexpensive her service is, I spend less today on her coaching than I used too spend on useless weight loss books and supplements monthly. If you are serious about changing your fitness level, I encourage you too email Missabs and have a chat, find out for yourself what a wonderful, caring and focused individual she is and how with the click of a mouse she can change your life forever.


Competition Guidance

This year will mark my second year competing in the ANBC (American Natural Bodybuilding Conference). Last year I competed in 3 shows taking a 3rd, 4th, and a 6th. Not bad for the first year, but I am the type of person that strives to be number one. I searched all over for someone that could help me get in the best shape possible. Miss Abs turned out to be that person without a doubt!

When contacting Miss Abs, around 16 weeks ago, I weighed 229 pounds. My body fat was around 14%. She gave me an honest evaluation, which wasn't good, and told me I had lots of work to do. I thought "who is this to be telling me that I need a lot of work?" Again, Miss Abs turned out to be that person. I was kind of upset, but that is the "kick in the butt" I needed. Being a competitive bodybuilder, constructive criticism is the best thing for you.

I told myself, "I am going to do everything this lady tells me to do. What do I have to lose." What I had to lose was fat! The first two weeks, the fat stripped off me like crazy! By the end of the second week, my weight was down to around 224. I had lost NO muscle, though. NONE! In fact, the diet she had me on was replenishing food that my muscles should have had long ago, so I was actually gaining muscle mass while losing the fat! This is every bodybuilders dream. Right? Miss Abs showed me exactly how to maintain muscle mass (and even gain) while burning fat without doing cardio! That was awesome! People didn't believe me when I said I did no cardio and was looking the way I did.

The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on weeks were kinda tough. It takes your body a while to become accustomed to eating healthy. The weight was still coming off like mad! Miss Abs has a little trick she used for me that made me look harder and more vascular in a day! She would incorporate a "cheat day" in for me, but it had to be timed exactly right. Miss Abs knew exactly when that was. The timing of this "cheat day" could make or break you.

As far as poundage I was pushing around in the gym. My strength decreased none at all. Not even a pound. Another competitive bodybuilder at my gym asked me "how do you maintain your strength?" I said "Miss Abs!" He was losing strength every week. I was actually gaining strength.

As I am writing this, I am 5 days out from my first show of the year. I must say I look awesome! The last 2 weeks have been as strict as possible in the diet area. I can honestly say I have not done ANYTHING Miss Abs has not told me to do. If you want to make awesome gains, you need to spend the effort, time, money and be dedicated to it 100%. Not 90% or 80%. 100%! People give up too easy and look for the easy road out. If you want to be ripped, you need to be fully dedicated to it. I don't like it when people are not dedicated to something fully. I especially don't like someone helping me that isn't dedicated. Miss Abs is the first person I found that was 100% dedicated to ME. She really did care about how I was doing and how I looked. If you aren't 100% dedicated, don't go to Miss Abs! She will be 100% dedicated to you, so don't waste her time if this is not your personal goal. I owe where I am at right now to Miss Abs.

Back to pre-contest, which is where I am at right now. Almost every bodybuilder (at least I think) dreads the few weeks before a show. Should I increase my sodium? Should I do more reps? Should I do more cardio? Should I, Should I????????? I know for a fact this happens to almost all of us. We train and diet for so long and the last couple weeks can bring you over the top or it can bring you down to the bottom. I can honestly say that I feel I am in the best shape I have ever been right now, and this coming Saturday is going to be a good day for me. Miss Abs has my diet down to a science. She knows what I can eat and what I can't eat. She knows what I can eat to make me more vascular, and she knows what I should eat to make my body burn fat. Every person is different, and I think Miss Abs is very good at determining your body type and transforming you into something you thought was never possible. I never thought it was possible to gain muscle mass while burning fat. I now know this is true. Miss Abs also carries a complete line of supplements that are awesome! Anything you need from fat burners to protein powders to pre-contest supplies. She has it. She also knows which are best suited for you personal gains.

I have made a friend that I know will always be there for me. Not only was Miss Abs a trainer to me, she was there to hear anything else I had to discuss with her. That is what a TRUE personal trainer should be. There are lots of trainers out there. There are a lot of trainers that are worried about how you will look, but I really don't think there are any that will take the effort that Miss Abs would. Like I said before. If you aren' t going to be 100% dedicated, don't go to Miss Abs. That would not be fair to her. If you do choose Miss Abs as your "mentor", get ready to see changes from day 1.

I will be sending Miss Abs a picture of myself after the show. I will also be sending her a picture of what I looked like 10 weeks before the show. You will be amazed at the difference. Oh, by the way, my weight is 198 right now! I asked someone the other day how I compare right now to last year after my last show. His comment was "You are a lot harder. You have maintained your muscle mass this year. The good part is this is the first show of the year and you look better now than you did last year after your last show. This is going to be your year!" That made me feel so good. I went home and immediately called Miss Abs!

Another thing, Miss Abs is from New Hampshire. I am from Pennsylvania! Don't make the mistake and think you need a trainer from the local gym to help you with your diet. Today's technology allows you to take advantage of long distance contact. Miss Abs will work it out to help you out to the best of her ability. Again, she will give 100%. I think she gave 110% sometimes, also.

In conclusion, I'd like to thank Miss Abs for all her help and hard work. I hope she realizes how much I appreciate how hard she worked for me. She did not ask me to write this "testimonial". I asked her if I could. I wish there were more Miss Abs around. So if you are a competitive bodybuilder that is looking to get over the top, or just a person that wants to lose weight and look good for whatever reason; get in contact with Miss Abs! I will personally guarantee that you will not regret it one bit!

First Competition

Before BodybuildingBefore CompetitionAt Competition

I have always dreamed of being that "big buff guy" on stage. I love to lift weights, but I wasn't getting anywhere with it. What was I doing wrong? I mean when I went out I would eat like eight cheese burgers and have a couple glasses of milk. I thought in order to grow you needed to eat a lot. I was right but just eating the wrong foods!!!!

One day I read a note posted on a message board from MissAbs saying, "Pick a date and then start preparing to compete, or you will always say, 'I'm going to compete sometime next year'". So I picked a date and I picked her to help me out with my diet. Whatever she did worked wonderfully because the results are amazing. Everything worked out perfect! She brought me into my first comp. at 4% bodyfat (which is very freaky looking) and I took 1st place in my class! It's been 2 weeks since that comp. and so I did another and got yet another 1st place trophy! Now most people will say it's genetics, but I beg to differ. The competitors I beat were of good shape, some even bigger, not to mention the few roid guys in the over all that I made look bad. The reason they lost was because they weren't coached the right way. Some people had the nerve to come to me and tell me to go to there "super good" trainers! Heh, no thanks, I think I'll stick with the woman that brought me gold.

Now I did win my comps and looked great the whole time and all but it was SOOOO hard! In order for this to work you actually have to work. She's giving you the opportunity to learn how to feed yourself without having to have someone tell you what to do for each meal of the day. You have the opportunity of being creative or you can be like myself and make the same thing everyday, but that is because I am lazy, :P

If you decide to go with MissAbs then you will not only have saved a ton of money from PT expenses you will also become unbelievably fit, not mention get a lot of numbers from the ladies :) Hope you make the right decision.


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