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Physique Transformations and Coaching

Physique Transformation, Contest Prep, Fat Loss, Add Muscle and Size
- Ready for a real change?

--> Having a personalized diet and training coach at your finger tips.
--> Tried every diet under the sun?
--> Found the 10 pounds you just lost?
--> Just can't break a plateau?
--> Want to be really ripped?
--> Think you can't be bigger?
--> Would you spend about $2.00 a day to have the ultimate body?

Complete Physique Transformations
Are you serious about really changing the way you look? I have done it! Let me coach you to your Physique Transformation. Don't let another day go, it can happen faster than you think. Only the very serious and determined should request this personalized program. It is hard work,and not for the wishful thinkers only for those seriously wanting to take your physique to the next level and beyond. Having a coach is not a luxury it is a necessities if you really want to have the a body you didn't dream could be possible.

Don't wait another day, it is absolutely possible!

You will the expertise of a natural competitive bodybuilder to monitor and guide your progress on a daily basis. You deserve it and can succeed regardless of previous attempts. As a team we will get you to your goals, and maybe break some records in the process.
Hire my coach, Miss Abs NOW: $59.00 per month:

1 Month Only $99.00


Order 3 Months Only $298.00

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One Hour Phone Consultation with MissAbs to discuss current diet, training and supplementation.
A one time assessment of your training and diet. You will receive information on ways to adjust your personal program and suggestions on your current diet strategy. This is based on review of detailed information that you submit.

1 Hour Phone Consultation: $59.00:

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Contest Prep

Preparing or thinking about a competitive bodybuilding show or physique transformation contest?

12 Weeks of contest prep: Please Contact MissAbs for pricing.

Additional Programs

Contact MissAbs for information on guest lectures and presentations for your corporation or club. Customized events for all size groups. Isn't it time to update the health and image of your company?

On Site Personal Training programs available. Learn it the right way the first time. Did you ever wish you could have someone just come and show you how to do it once and not waste months and years with no changes in your physique. Would it help to have a competitive bodybuilder assist you in your training routine, dieting, food preparation and goal planning. You can have this and deserve to finally grow! Contact for more information.

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