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What Were You Thinking - My Observations At The Gym


Dream Pirates - People That Mess Up Your Mind About Your Physique Goals


Count on It - Calories and Reps


Goals - Do you really have them?


What Were You Thinking?

Guys, this one is for you! Ok, Ladies too!

I watch you in the gym, day in day out, you never seem to make any changes but you just keep moving more "metal". Isnít it time you had some changes, after all why are you going to the gym? Spare me the ego for just a few minutes read this and think about it, that is all I am asking!

First of all, what is it you are trying to accomplish with your physique. Do you have a detailed plan of action? Is it measurable?

Before you arrive, have you thought out your strategy for training for that day, and can you see and feel the target muscle group that you will be training? Do you write it down so it is measurable? How much weight, rest intervals, sequence? Think about it. Do you?

You work the muscle hard and heavy, the question is, is your mind connected to the muscle? Challenge. Just for one day cut your poundage in half and see if you can create with your mind, the same feeling in the muscle with half the poundage. You read the magazines with faith and try every new routine that is published, try this simple technique and tell me if you donít feel the difference.

This technique will force you to clean up the form and allow you to focus on the muscle group. Look up the group prior to arriving at the gym and see what the muscle really looks like on the body, understand its placement and its positioning on the skeletal structure. See and feel that muscle working when you are executing the set. Try it, you will find it is not as easy as you had thought.

Some of my best pumps have come from using this technique because of the required focus that it takes. You will find in the beginning, it is not that easy, however with a little practice you will not only feel the difference but also see the difference in your training. Of course the goal is to move the poundage back up to your normal weight with the mind fully engaged to the set. Now that will produce changes and growth in size and strength. I challenge you to prove me wrong! Try it even if only for one set per exercise.

I am not an advocate of lifting lighter, at all, however you do need to drop the poundage in the beginning to train your mind to focus and be fully engaged in the set. If this one technique will allow you to have more muscle growth and make you stronger, why wouldnít you try it for a week? What is the worst that can happen, you stay the same? You have been looking the same for years, I have watched you. Do your physique a favor and try it.

What is the worst that can happen, you stay the same again for another year?

Dream Pirates

Dream Pirates, a person that not unknowingly or knowingly steals your dreams. We all have these "people" in our lives, they often don't mean any harm but cause so much damage. Who are they? Where are they? Why do they have to be here?

Dream Pirates are those evil thoughts that are in your mind, friends and family members, co-workers that just plant negative seeds. Often just waiting for a moment to reinforce the opposite thought process that you should be having.

They sound like this. You can't be thin, I can't gain size, I will never be good at this! You can't bench 245! Sound familiar? It is those thought which constantly lurk in our minds and only serve to sabotage us.

We all have done goals sheets, made wishes and promises to ourselves, yet these Dream Pirates still lurk waiting at any moment to destroy any positive thought pattern created by our conscious mind.

Eliminate these thoughts from your mind and your own personal space. Learn positive self-talk. How do you get these thoughts out of your mind? I use a stop sign. Whenever a dream pirate enters my mind I just close my eyes or say "stop" and picture a stop sign. This prevents the thought from securing any position or placement into your permanent thought process.

It goes like this, whenever you hear that little voice, immediately visualize a stop sign. Become aware of them and stop them. Then reinforce your goal in your mind. This all only takes a split second between theft and one step closer to your goal.

Try this, the next time you hear: I can't lose weight, I will never be (!!!) weight. See the stop sign, and say in your mind or out loud for that matter. I am losing weight and on target with my goal. I weigh (!!!) pounds. (You put your number or goal in there) . When the Dream Pirate tells you that one bite of cake won't hurt you, STOP.

You say, but I don't weigh that yet, or I can't bench that yet. Live as if you have already accomplished it some how it is truly amazing you will wake up one day and it is there, the goal. Say it like this: "I bench 245", I weigh (!!!!). "I am clean with my diet everyday".

"I keep accurate training and diet logs". You see how it works. Just keep talking to yourself as if you have already accomplished your goal.

Good Luck, and fight those Dream Pirates off. Keep your stop sign handy.


Count On It

You want the body

You will count reps in the gym

You won't count calories!

Has it been a while since you have made a real difference in your physique? Are you twelve weeks out and prepared to give up some of that muscle that you created all winter? Want to know the about the ultimate growth supplement?

Food and calories, there is it, the answer plain simple and to the point. Ok a little basic for some but think about it, how often do you go to the gym day in and out and watch people who never seem to change regardless of their efforts in the gym. The problem lies within the diet or lack of. Diet doesn't always mean trying to lose body fat, we need to think of diet as the vehicle to accomplish the goals. After all aren't you there to make a difference in your physique. You can't "get" where you want to go unless you know where you are!

You diet for growth, fat loss, and just general health and well being. A diet doesn't mean starvation, limited foods and choices, endless weight gainer shakes, a diet just means that you have a well designed plan to accomplish the goals for your physique. It is a plan to get you the results the more energy you put into your "diet" the faster the results will happen for you. I have had some of my biggest muscle growth while dieting for fat loss. Some where someone has convinced you that you can't grow in a lean body. It is not the lean body that doesn't allow the growth, it is lack of calories in the right percentages that prevent it.

A "diet" ( plan) is a basic foundation for the time frame or goal you are currently working on. Once you have the basic plan done, you can and always will just make simple modifications depending on your next goal.

What is a calorie? Is it just simply a unit of energy, that is it! Something we all wished we had more of energy. We are able to pick and choose our energy units from protein, carbohydrates and fat. Each of course having it owns sub macro. I am not going to get into that, I just want you to have a easy to understand plan to grow muscle in the fastest simplest method. I know many of you are can tell me to the number how many calories you think you are eating, however I go back to my original question, is your physique changing the way you want it to in the time frame you set your goal on? I find that many athletes are actually eating less food than they really think they are. Food must come from actually "hardcore" calories of proteins and carbs and fat properly balanced for your respective sport.

It is really a simple matter of determining how many calories you are eating and in what percentages are you taking in the energy units (calories).

If you are eating for growth obviously the more growth units you need, protein. Endurance the more energy units you need, carbs. And of course the dreaded fat units remember fat is not the enemy when factored into a well-designed plan, it is just another source of energy for our bodies to use.

The process:
Determine your current caloric intake, on the three energy units, protein, carbs and fats. Calculate the percentage of each unit on the total. Example: 2500 calorie diet with 375 grams of protein equals 60% of the diet coming from protein.

It looks like this: 375 x 4 = 1500, grams converted to calories then divided the calories by the total, 60%. Do this for carbs and fats as well against the total calories.

Once understand how you are taking in your energy or growth units it is very easy to map out a plan of attack for your goals and make adjustments as needed.

It is not that difficult it only takes a calculator and knowing what you are currently eating that is not getting you where you want to be and designing a new plan (diet) from there adjusting the percentage of energy and growth units for your specific sport and goals.

You plan your workouts, count your reps and poundage. On any given second can tell someone what your one rep bench max is, add the missing link to your success, count your calories and know your percentages of fuel that you use and require for your body not anyone else's body.

Want to know more, email me with your questions. Need some help you figure out your "plan" email me today. Don't let another meal go by that isn't calculate for your personal physique goals.

Train Hard and Count your calories,


Have your New Years resolutions already disappeared? Did you know that swimsuit or show season is less than 18 weeks away? Can you imagine what a true physique transformation would look like? Are you tired of hiding beside a one size fits all tee-shirt? Are you determined to add muscle and size to your body this year despite previous failed attempts? Is the year you will really come in shredded for your contest? I thought so!

Let's get beyond the hype and down to reality. Ask yourself, why did you not achieve what you wished for? Maybe because, a dream is just a wish until you put it on paper, then it truly becomes a GOAL! You have heard it all before, we need to write down our wishes so they become goals to truly achieve them. The same is true if you are going to make a transformation in your physique.

There are three critical components to making the changes whether they are fat loss, increase muscle size, toning up, preparing for a show, or just looking good in a swimsuit. The first and most important is to clearly define what you want to do with your body. Even if it seems impossible at the moment write it down. You will and can figure out the details later. Just have a clear measurable goal on paper even if you can't imagine it in your mind and the time frame in which you want to accomplish it.

The second two steps are the processes of attaining the goals, if you are reading this I would feel safe to say they are revolved around diet and exercise. Your diet is critical, to the achievement of your goal. I personally have fallen trap to just about all of the fad diets, and blanket dieting articles written in magazines. The biggest lesson you can learn, is listen to the people who walked their talk! It always was frustrating for me to listen to someone tell me how to lose fat when never a day in their life were they fat? I have been there, 5 years ago I weighed 200lbs at 5' tall. Now I am a competitive bodybuilder naturally with muscle density and definition.

It all started with a goal. The big picture, then the monthly goal, the weekly goal and daily goal. There were moments that literally my goals with dieting fell into two-hour segments of each day. Reviewing the goals every morning so they are clearly imprinted in your mind. Get your diet straightened out first, whether it is to gain muscle mass, lose fat or both.

Anyone can train in the gym, but did you ever wonder why you see so many people day in and day out at the gym working up a storm but never having any visible changes? They spend so much time on their training and not putting equal effort into their nutritional needs, they never realize their true potential of a physique transformation.

Spend as much time working and living your nutritional requirements as you do on your training. This is the key to achieving step one, the goal, you have on a piece of paper. Do your homework, remember it is your body but be open to listening and researching new ideas and concepts, just don't get caught up in trends or fads. Learn from those that have been there! Food is fuel and you should use it according to your specific goal. A few ideas, increase your protein intake, in most cases I have found people are underfed, yes I repeat underfed! They think they are eating enough protein in their diets but when you analyze the food sources they are not eating as much as they really thought they were or the sources are not the most effective to the goal. Allow your body enough time, to make the changes more is always better in this case. Determine you caloric needs and deduct your protein requirements from the total leaving the balance to be made up in carbohydrates and fats. Remember the last two are not the enemy, just the way we use them is. Keep all processed foods and simple sugars out of your diet, it will truly slow the goal achievement process down. Search for help and don't be afraid to ask questions, there are many valuable resources and people out there that can help you.

Step three is your training program, when was the last time you had help from someone that had more experience than you or a body part that you envied, ask them to help you. Align your training program to achieve your specific goals don't just do what you have always done, or you will get what you already got! Reread the last sentence again. Ladies and gentlemen, get in the weight room, this is truly the secret to continual fat burning process when combined with a sound nutritional program. Muscle is the best fat burner any of us have. Build it and let it work for you. Don't worry ladies you won't get bulky!

Supplementation, this is a big one, we have all fallen to the exceptional advertising claims of products. Many of them work very well others leave a bit to be desired, however I found the biggest results from supplements happened when the goal was clearly defined, the nutritional program was solid, and the training mirrored the bottom line goal. Then you are able to effectively supplement your goal with success. It should be the last element in the physique transformation process. Build your supplement program around the three elements and remember there is no magic pill or powder, just a clearly defined vision of your goal to be supplemented.

Stay focused and believe in yourself!


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